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Broaden your horizon

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Are you interested in the YUFE Student Journey, but don't quite know what to expect? No worries: we have organized two online Open Days to explain the programme, your options and how to participate.

YUFE, an Alliance of multiple European Universities, has got amazing opportunities for you to enrich your degree programme with courses and activities from universities across Europe. The YUFE Student Journey offers you, a student registered at one of the YUFE partner universities, the opportunity to create your own learning path and broaden your European horizon.

Are you thinking of enriching your degree programme with courses and activities from universities across Europe? Pick and choose for yourself how many and when to take these courses? Either online or onsite!

There are very few opportunities to interact with this many universities at once; having access to their courses and network is priceless. - YUFE Student Jordan Hammond studying at Maastricht University.

During the online OPEN DAY on 12 September or 11 October from 11:30-13:30 cest we will inform you about the upcoming YUFE Student Journey application period (12 September - 30 October 2022) and about the multiple opportunities YUFE has to offer you.

I can pick exactly what I need to develop my professional skills. – YUFE Student Adeniran Adewoye, studying at University of Eastern Finland. For Adeniran, shaping his own curriculum was the main reason to join the YUFE Student Journey.

This fall's application period lasts from 12 September to 30 October 2022, and is open to students enrolled in one of the YUFE partner universities (NB: students need to be in their 2nd year Bachelor at minimum. First year bachelor students will have to wait until the next call in spring 2023).

The Open Day helps you understand what you need to do to prepare your application. YUFE representatives are happy to help. You can read more about the programme and the application process and requirements on our website.

Register for the online Open Day:


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