Campus life

YUFE welcomes new students

Covid-19 Vaccination at the NCU

Vice-Rectors’ Letter to Students

Nicolaus Copernicus University in the Week of Tolerance

YUFE PostDoc Call

Rector hours 12 November

YUFE – The Virtue of Engagement

What about a PhD at YUFE?

Together with the Poviat

Article contains photo gallery

Rector's hours 2 November

YUFE Town Hall in Bremen

50 Years of the University of Bremen

NCU international campus

Article contains photo gallery

Inauguration of the academic year

Article contains a clip

YUFE Academy at NCU

YUFE Talk Show from Rome

See you in October!

Safe return to university

General university courses

Apply now for the YUFE Student Journey!

Article contains a clip

Plan your journey with YUFE

Beware of fake e-mails!

Together for the energy of the future

Article contains photo gallery

YUFE for innovations

YUFE Talk Show straight from Essex

Against COVID-19: New Rector's regulations

Letter regarding the new academic year

Get ready for the YUFE Academy!

"Zerówka" course for ‘Grade Six’

Article contains photo gallery

YUFE Job Portal

YUFE speaks your language!

YUFE Day at the NCU

Article contains photo gallery

YUFE Talk Shows Debut

Together with the City for the Development of YUFE

Article contains photo gallery

Rector's day - 4 June

Seize your chance with YUFE

Exam session in the remote mode

Join YUFE Student Forum

Per YUFE ad astra

Some of the classes taught in a different mode

Students – the co-creators of YUFE Student Journey

YUFE soon to offer first physical mobility to its students

E-learning classes until April 9

Soft skills training

Additional date for examination

Against COVID-19: New internal regulations

University Day

Article contains photo gallery

Ratio et Spes Award for research into the effects of global warming

Article contains a clip

University Day - Rector's letter

Organisation of education - Order No. 3

YUFE Townhall

YUFE Alliance launches YUFE Diploma Supplement Track

YUFE Virtual Campus

Join YUFE Student Forum

Three New Deputy Rectors

Functioning of the administration - Order No. 30

Order of the Rector - 19 October

Get a feel of YUFE, join the YUFE Academy 2020!

Announcement by the Rector of NCU

Attractive and free of charge - soft skills trainings

The Best at NCU

Welcome to NCU News portal

"Klamra" in autumn opening

ORDER No. 188 of 15 September

Inauguration of the academic year 2020/2021

Article contains photo gallery Article contains a clip

Welcome foreign students!

Article contains photo gallery

Run with a Book

Support for Belarusian students

NCU becomes a full YUFE member

Article contains photo gallery Article contains a clip

YUFE alliance’s actions during the Covid-19 pandemic

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