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Schools of Friends of Copernicus

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As many as 250 institutions, including several from the Polish diaspora, have signed up for the "Schools of Friends of Copernicus" program jointly organised by the NCU Centre for Copernican Studies and the Nicolaus Copernicus Primary School No. 7 in Toruń.

The project accompanies the 550th anniversary of the birth of the famous astronomer and the patron of the two institutions organising the event.

To be certified as a "Schools of Friends of Copernicus" program participants must complete these five tasks:

  1. prepare between 1 to 3 greeting cards and send them in paper versions to the NCU Centre for Copernican Studies;
  2. prepare and conduct a class "Lesson with Copernicus" - activities presenting the figure, activities, and achievements of Nicolaus Copernicus;
  3. make a film in any technique introducing Nicolaus Copernicus and his achievements;
  4. develop a board game, escape room or city game about Copernicus and conduct activities with their use;
  5. organise celebrations marking the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Schools participating in the competition are also encouraged to complete three additional tasks: prepare an exhibition, "Poles - Heroes of Science", organise a Copernicus Science Festival, and conduct a virtual tour "On the Copernicus Trail".

The birthday cards submitted under one of the tasks can already be viewed in a virtual gallery. In September, it will be possible to see them live during the exhibition accompanying the Toruń events of the World Copernican Congress. During this event, prizes will also be awarded to the winning schools - a total of 11 institutions will be awarded (including one from The Polish diaspora) for completing the tasks in the most attractive way.

More information about the "Schools of Friends of Copernicus" program.

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