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Get ready for the YUFE Academy!

— Editors
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The YUFE Academy is about to start again! The set of events will once again cater to a broad audience, students, staff and citizens alike.

This edition starts in July 2021 and will last throughout the academic year of 2021/2022. The theme will be revolving around Citizens' Wellbeing. The previous theme – European Identity and Responsibilities in a Global World – is still up-to-date, so these subjects will also be explored.

The offering will be, as usual, manifold and broad. We will start with a series of lectures that concern health care, sustainability, social sciences, law and economics and many more. On top of that, the YUFE D&I Lecture series and YUFE Entrepreneurial Talk Shows will be incorporated. Both series show the practical ways D&I and entrepreneurial skills can be implemented.

There are some further novelties prepared to enrich this year's Academy. One of them is the multilingual approach, where lectures are conducted not just in English but also in other European languages, so that everyone can follow lectures in either their mother tongue or a second language.

Later during the academic year, the YUFE Academy will be complemented by the YUFE Staff Academy, offering events tailored mainly to the interest of (prospective) research staff and professional service staff. This block will comprise a series of lectures and trainings on employees' well-being, an event advertising and introducing graduate studies at YUFE universities, an in-depth training event for graduate students, several spring schools and other scientific and/or scholarly events.

Lectures will be accessible mainly virtually. The format for the YUFE Academy is blended: due to the COVID-19 pandemic most lectures and workshops will take place virtually. Some events will attempt to take place physically.

All activities will be announced on the YUFE website and via YUFE social media channels. If you want to join the YUFE Academy, all you have to do to sign up is just to register using the provided links, you can join one event or multiple, depending on your interest and time.

Have a look at the YUFE Academy 2021 offering here ›

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