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Studies without borders

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Students at the Toruń University can simultaneously study in Antwerp, Rijeka, Madrid and even Essex, thanks to the NCU's membership in the Young Univeristies for the Future of Europe alliance. Details of the offer will be available at YUFE Open Days and information meetings.

The no-cost and easy "virtual travel" between the YUFE campuses is a unique opportunity to broaden educational horizons. Students who enroll in a YUFE Student Journey will be able to take advantage of the academic courses offered at partner universities*, as well as access their resources (e.g., libraries) and learn about teaching methods in other countries.

Classes taken during the programme - with the approval of the dean - can be included in the basic course of study. What's more, the offer also includes opportunities to travel abroad, take part in language and entrepreneurial courses, and participate in social activities.

What is the YUFE Student Journey Programme itself? It is a personalized educational path, lasting a maximum of 2 years, in which the participants decide for themselves how many opportunities they will seize and at what pace they will pursue them. After completing academic classes for a minimum of 12 ECTS and doing some additional activities, the participant will receive a YUFE Certificate - a diploma from one of the first alliances of European universities.

- What I liked most about the YUFE was the opportunity to take courses not necessarily related to my field of study. I chose courses on tourism, even though I was studying economics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University," recalls Kamila Giza, a YUFE graduate who, in addition to developing her passions, also had the opportunity to learn Croatian and German. For her efforts in this field, she received an award - a YUFE Language Star. Such experience gained in an international environment is extremely helpful at the beginning of a professional career.

You can still apply for the YUFE Student Journey, enrollment ends on October 30th. Those who want to learn more about the programme can attend scheduled information events or read about it on

Events Calendar:

Information meetings at the NCU, 09:00 - 13:00:

Flyer >>>

*list of academic partners:

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