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Run with a Book 2024

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The 10th anniversary edition of the Run with a Book will be held on May 26. This year's event refers to the works of Witold Gombrowicz, who is one of the patrons of the year 2024. The event is open to everybody.

The Run with a Book is an open running event for the UMK community and people sympathetic to our university. Its purpose is to promote exercise and popularize reading. The route will lead along a forest path and alleys in the Bielany academic forest. The name of the run refers to that great Polish writer; the year 2024 was proclaimed the Year of Witold Gombrowicz, as on August 4 we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the artist's birth. The event will include three races: Main Run, Relay Race and additional run: "Running Mother".

Time and place

The competition office is located at the NCU Copernican Integration Centre (Olszewskiego 16 St., Torun, Poland) and will be open on May 26, 2024 at 9.30 a.m. The run starts at 11:00 in the forest nearby. The route runs along forest paths and alleys on the campus in Bielany (Toruń). The distance is 4.2 km. Competitors run with any book in hand. The minimum weight of a book is 100 grams.

The four-person teams that will take part in the relay will have a total of 400 gallops to run (1 gallop equals about 3,5 meters), which is about 350 meters per person. In accordance with the specifics of the race, relay participants pass on to each other a book.

In the supplementary competition - "Running Mother" - can participate teams of a mother and a child/children: each of them has the task of covering the entire route on their own two feet and with their own book in hand.

Running awards

There are rewards not only for the fastest runners. In one of the classifications (for runners with a book written by Witold Gombrowicz), the result will be calculated using an algorithm that takes into account the run time, the weight of the book and a special conversion index that will be revealed just before the start of the run.

Registration and entry fee

Registration should be done before the event (until May 22, 2024). Payments (20 zł for NCU students and graduates) will be accepted on site on the day of the event. We only accept payment by card or BLIK.

The event organisers are the NCU Alumni Programme and the NCU Marathon Club. More information about the run can be found at the event on Facebook (in Polish) and on the Alumni Programme page (in Polish).

Rules od sharing information
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