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Study in the European style

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Registration for the next edition of the YUFE Student Journey, a programme that allows you to study at several European universities simultaneously, will run from April 4 to May 26.

YUFE Student Journey gives you the opportunity to simultaneously study at European universities associated in the Young Universities for the Future of Europe consortium. It allows you to combine academic endeavours with language courses and professional training as well as engage in civic and social initiatives, such as, for instance, volunteering or activism in the YUFE Help Desks or YUFE Challenge Teams.

Participation in the programme allows you to create a course plan in the same way as for interdepartmental studies but with an international dimension. Selected courses from the offer of partner universities can - with the dean's consent - be included in your course of study.

All students who need support in writing their applications can take advantage of the online on-call consultation. The consultation will take place on April 21 from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. It will be led by Dariusz Pniewski, Ph.D., professor at the Faculty of Humanities, a member of the YUFE Student Journey recruitment committee. More information »

What are the experiences of the participants of the previous editions of YSJ? Adeniran Adewoye, a YUFE student from the University of Eastern Finland, enrolled in classes at universities in Cyprus and Rijeka. 'These are all part of my degree in Finland, but thanks to YUFE I get this mind-boggling experience of encountering the various learning traditions in these countries.'

Mikail Yildiz, a law student at Maastricht University who completed his bachelor's degree, did the same by incorporating academic courses offered by partner universities into his course. 'Taking multidisciplinary courses all over Europe was a unique experience' says Mikail, who began his journey after reading the university newsletter. He immediately browsed the website and found that it was just what he was looking for to fully develop his skills and prepare for a professional career after graduation.

The upcoming recruitment provides the opportunity to get on the YUFE Student Journey. The enrolment lasts from April 4 to May 26 2022. To apply for the programme, you must create an account on the YUFE Virtual Campus, fill out the form and attach a motivation letter.

Qualified applicants will be able to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities starting next semester, choosing from academic courses and other activities. Multilingualism is an important aspect of the consortium. Therefore, in addition to the traditional forms of learning, language cafes and tandems have been created. During these, under less formal conditions, you can polish your language skills over a cup of hot coffee.

You can complete your journey with YUFE both virtually and physically - by going abroad and visiting a partner university or combining both in a blended mobility mode.

You can also receive the YUFE Star award for your achievements in mobility, social, professional or linguistic fields. This is not only a certification of acquired skills but an important proof of involvement and activeness on the international labour market. Those who earn the star during their two-year adventure, complete their academic courses (at least 12 ECTS ) and attend three YUFE Academy meetings, will receive the YUFE Student Journey Certificate - a diploma from one of the first alliances aspiring to become a European University.

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More information about what YUFE, YUFE Student Journey, YUFE Academy, YUFE Star Programme and recruitment to the programme are available on the following websites:

YUFE Virtual Campus

YUFE flyer

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