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Toruń Moves - Let’s Integrate!

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The Amicus Foundation in cooperation with the Copernican Integration Centre in Toruń offers you the possibility to work as a volunteer in the Toruń Moves - Let's Integrate! Programme, created as a part of the YUFE Community Volunteering Programme, leading to the YUFE Civic Star award.

The Toruń Moves - Let's Integrate! Programme consists of three-fold activities:

  1. Intercultural workshops for pupils and students from kindergartens and schools (primary and secondary) – only for students with international exchange experience.

Your tasks:


  1. Preparation of events for the NCU community & citizens (e.g. International Children's Day)

Your tasks may include:


  1. Gardening and community-building in the NCU Edible Garden based in the Copernican Integration Centre.

Your tasks may include:

What do you gain:

You can agree on the activity details and the timetable individually with the activity coordinator: Katarzyna Wójcik, fundacja@umk.pl.

Please note that the total workload for the YUFE Civic Star is of 50 hours, including:

More details: https://virtualcampus.yufe.eu/link/course/OjcduGbKQlsrYSOL

Check out YUFE's other community and civic engagement opportunities: click on https://virtualcampus.yufe.eu/p/home and select Civic Engagement Activities)

* The forthcoming Civic Engagement Intro Training:
Time: May 12, 2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM CET
Registration:  https://virtualcampus.yufe.eu/link/course/mU8rT2q7r5FRY4eZ

Rules od sharing information
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