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Welcome to NCU News portal

— Editors
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We are honored to welcome you all to  NCU News portal - a place which will house materials showing the scientific achievements of men and women researchers from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and current information related to the life of our University.

NCU News portal has been designed as a platform the purpose of which is, above all, to present the scientific potential of our University.  It is here that on the most massive scale in Poland  we will be telling you about the research, crucial and ground shaking results, all of which have been reflected in various publications in prestigious international magazines, and also about the people who are their authors.  Behind the doors of laboratories and offices of our University serious science is takes place, which is confirmed not only by the presence of our scientists in the most prestigious world periodicals, their involvement in grants or in still growing international research cooperation, but also, or rather most of all, in the inclusion of NCU into the group of leading Polish research universities.  Let us remind you that this elite circle composed of only 10 universities in Poland was selected in 2019 in a competition by Ministry of Science and Higher Education named "Initiative Excellence – Research University".  Our aim is to regularly show in the content pages of our portal the activities of University Centers of Excellence, Priority Research Teams or Emerging Fields, which constitute the core of IDUB project in NCU.

Our objective is to make the big science with capital "S" executed by NCU academic staff be written and talked about not only in a bona fide and meaningful way, but also in a way which is clear, approachable and comprehensible, taking into account not only the meaning of particular research for the field in which it is carried out, but also reflecting its impact on the contemporary reality.

Not by accident do we use the term "talk about".  The written content will be enriched with graphic , photographic and film materials, and due to the involvement of NCU Radio Sfera  with audio elements as well.

And now, we warmly invite you – dear researchers of our University – to share with the editorial team of our portal all information about your research, achievements and publications which are being planned.  We look forward to your messages at

NCU News portal will also show current information about the life of the University.  You will find it in such categories as "campus life", "culture" and "sports".  We are also offering you a calendar which will chronologically inform about the forthcoming general academic events as well as about those organised by Faculties or other units of NCU , including Academic Center of Culture and Art "Od Nowa" and University Sports Center.

Our newsletter  also remains at your disposal.  Students, doctoral students and staff will receive it automatically in their email boxes in NCU domain, and every user who is not a holder of NCU email account will be able to subscribe to  the newsletter under any other email address.

Our aim is to make the portal as available as possible.  Therefore, together with its Polish version , we have launched the English one as well. Both meet the standards of online accessibility and comply with the norm WCAG 2.1.


Editorial Team of NCU News


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

NCU News portal is a result of analytical work over communication of research universities and expectations expressed by our colleague scientists. The project is based on the knowledge collected in selected research universities in USA and Europe.

The portal is not a purpose for its own sake.  Its aim and task are to spread the knowledge about our research achievements among the graduates, doctoral students, students, and the staff of NCU.  The content of the portal will be further spread all over Poland and the world. Here, because of their particular significance, I would like to point to two selected broadcasting channels: PAP service "Science in Poland" and EurekAlert! portal.

Our project has an evolutionary character and its premiere today is not the end of the work over the portal.  We want it to meet the expectations of the addressee and to execute communication tasks of the University.  For this reason, therefore, apart from the editorial team, creative team, and IT group, the project team is also made up by analysts who examine the work of the project in a further perspective.

Had it not been for the people, the portal would have never come into life. Since the onset of an idea to write and execute the project, a lot of people and University structures have become engaged.  As it is impossible to mention every single person by their names, let me chronologically point out only the groups, units and structures involved: Advisory Team of "Głos Uczelni", Institute of Physics, Bureau of International Programs, Rectors Authorities, Rector’s proxies, Department of Structural Funds Management, radio “Sfera”, Department of Research, secretarial office of University Center for IT Services, Chancellor Authorities, Department of Graphic Design, Department of Informative Resources of University Center for IT Services,  Institute of Scientific Information and Book Studies, Institute of Information and Communication, Foreign Languages Center, Office for Students with Disabilities.

I would now like to make one exception from this rule. The portal would have never come to life if it had not been for the memory, engagement and consequent support of the Vice-Rector professor Wojciech Wysota. I also want to thank  the staff members of the mother Department of Promotion and Information, without whose passion and diligence, the portal could not have been born, starting from the group which was in charge of initial specification for the portal before the official launch of the project, through editorial section, which during the last few weeks was entirely engaged in the final work of filing the portal with the content.


Aleksander Anikowski

Chief project designer

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