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YUFE Day at the NCU

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Andrzej Romański

Discussions on the role, impact and future of the YUFE and briefings on education, science and management and relations in the context of the Nicolaus Copernicus University's presence in the alliance will fill the YUFE Open Day, which will be held in an online format on 15th June.

The main objective of the event is to acquaint the NCU community with the progress of the work carried out within YUFE, as well as to indicate how the tasks carried out by our University in the alliance coincide with the vision of the University, as defined in the Strategy just consulted.

The Nicolaus Copernicus University as a partner university of the YUFE is at the halfway point of the three-year project, which will formally end in December 2022. The further fate of the European Universities Initiative will crucially depend on the evaluation of the effects of the pilot projects. It is worth noting that the YUFE has repeatedly been indicated as one of the model alliances and it may be assumed that the chances for the development and co-financing of this European University model are high.

This is a good moment to show that  the YUFE is not so much a project as an opportunity to permanently change both European higher education and our University. Many of the concepts developed and solutions implemented at the YUFE bring, or may bring, the Nicolaus Copernicus University tangibly closer to realisation of the vision and tasks outlined in the Strategy, both with regard to the educational process, staff development, strengthening of relations with international partners, as well as spreading universal values.

The YUFE Open Day at the NCU will last from 10:00 to 13:00 and will be divided into two parts. During the first part - an open and online streamed discussion about the NCU's role in the YUFE and the impact of the YUFE on the NCU, participants will answer questions such as what it means that our University is in the YUFE, what - as a university - we have gained thanks to the YUFE and what challenges are still ahead of us, what we want to change being inspired by the YUFE, and what we can export. The representatives of the University authorities and members of the NCU community, including students, as well as residents and local government officials, have been invited to attend the event. Link to the meeting:

The second part will address the specific initiatives of the YUFE, divided into three thematic groups directly linked to the objectives indicated in the Strategy: education, science and management and relations.  Link to the meeting:

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