The YUFE STudent Journey programme is flexible, designed to allow everyone to choose something for themselves Campus life

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YUFE Student Journey enables NCU students to participate in classes offered by 9 YUFE partner universities. Recruitment for the program is ongoing.

The Young Universites fot the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance  offers students the opportunity to actively shape their study programme tailored to their individual needs and interests. To be eligible for the offer, you must speak English at a minimum of B2 level and have already completed at least the first semester of your undergraduate studies. Classes are conducted on-site at international universities and online.

Student Journey with YUFE

YUFE Student Journey - YUFE's flagship educational programme lasts for a maximum of four semesters. Those who join in the current recruitment will be able to attend classes in the summer semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, and will also be able to travel to one of the partner universities in the following semester. Although the trips are funded from the Erasmus+ programme, the rules for studying abroad themselves are different from a traditional exchange, giving students the chance to take courses at more than one university at the same time.

How does it work? The person who decides to join the programme selects the courses he or she is interested in from the catalogue available on the YUFE Virtual Campus website. In the first semester, he or she focuses on the online courses on offer and learns about the different models of education. In the next stage, he or she can go to the university of his or her choice, e.g. Finland or Spain, while continuing to take online courses in Belgium, France or at another YUFE university.

The programme is flexible, designed to allow everyone to choose something for themselves. There are not only academic courses on offer, but also language courses, proposals for volunteering and other pro-social activities, as well as courses to develop entrepreneurship.

Recruitment runs from 11 September to 3 November and takes place on the YUFE Virtual Campus platform.

Details are available on NCU's YUFE membership page


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